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All Tea Comes From One Plant

Camellia Sinensis

Tea Plant Photo

ALL Tea is withered. Withering is moisture evaporating from the leaf. Oxidation is the process that results in the flavor profiles of Black & Oolong tea.

White Tea is picked, withered and air-dried.

Green Tea is picked then steamed to neutralize active enzymes. After steaming, the leaf is withered then manipulated to achieve the desired leaf finish, then steamed again or pan fired.

Black Tea is roll broken after withering; there is no steaming, as the enzymes need to remain active. Roll breaking cracks the surface of the leaf exposing the leaf's enzymes to oxygen initiating oxidation. After FULL oxidation occurs, the leaf is then finished with forced hot air

Oolong Tea is basket tossed after withering. There is no steaming, as the enzymes need to remain active. Basket tossing bruises the edges & exposes the leaf's enzymes to oxygen, initiating oxidation. After PARTIAL oxidation occurs, in between 15% to 75%, the leaf is then pan fired.

Tisanes (Herbal Infusions) are not TEA (Camellia sinensis). Tisanes are herbal "teas" that do not contain tea (Camellia sinensis). Tisanes contain HERBS, SPICES, or FRUIT to create their flavors profiles. Most Tisanes are CAFFEINE FREE , which is NO CAFFEINE 100% NATURALLY!

How To Steep Tea Leaves

WHITE: Heat water until just before boiling. Steep 1-3 minutes.

GREEN: Heat water until just before boiling. Steep 1-3 minutes.

OOLONG: Heat water until just boiling. Steep 3-5 minutes.

BLACK: Heat water until boiling. Steep 3-5 minutes.

TISANE: Heat water until boiling. Steep to taste.

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